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Using a Facebook page to bring fans to your site

The explosion of social media has opened up new channels for news businesses to talk to their readers, listeners and viewers. Outlets like Ujyaalo 90 Network in Nepal have built a huge Facebook following to drive traffic to their sites.

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How to create a Facebook page for a news business

Creating a Facebook page and building a loyal core of followers are the first steps in developing a successful social media strategy. Then monitor what works and what doesn’t, and be flexible with your strategy to keep building your base…

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“The irrational imitation of the online news industry”

Reuters Institute fellow Rasmus Kleis Nielsen has a stark warning for digital journalism start-ups: You can’t survive on advertising alone. Digital ad markets are too small – you have to diversify the money mix.

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Building a Web Plan – Unique Aspects for Radio Station or Network

Held to support the digital transition of members of the Asia Calling Network, a network of Asian radio broadcasters and producers, the seminar focused on developing digital news reporting techniques and the development of the business and…

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Facebook by the numbers

With 900 million active users sharing 125 billion friendships, Facebook just keeps on growing. Among the mind-boggling numbers, one with major significance for news outlets is the number of mobile users: almost 500 million people.

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Growing Your Online Business: Local Newspaper Publishers and TV Broadcasters

The seminar focused on trends and techniques available to traditional local newspaper publishers and local TV broadcasters in Russia and Ukraine to grow their online business, both the size of their audience and the opportunity for…

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