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WhatsApp for Radio Toolkit

The sixth guidebook in our series was created through the efforts in supporting innovation by MDIF’s SAMIP (South Africa Media Innovation Program) and Children’s Radio Foundation. This MAS series of practical guides for media…

//April 26 / 2019 //read more

Reddit tests live-reporting tool

Reddit is testing a new feature that allows users to create and update live blogs about breaking news events such as the recent uprising in Ukraine or the war in Syria — a move that could be a valuable addition to the cause of “open-source…

//February 27 / 2014 //read more

Using photo data to verify images on Flickr and Google+

Camera phones and social networks have created an almost unimaginable amount of user-generated content, and in our second in a series looking at how to take advantage of user-generated content, we look at techniques to verify photographs…

//April 5 / 2013 //read more

Using photo-sharing site Flickr to source UGC images

In the first of several guides to user-generated content, we’ll look at Flickr, an early photo sharing site now owned by Yahoo. It has a number of features that make it useful for finding photos that you can use to illustrate your stories.

//March 29 / 2013 //read more

Clear editorial goals essential to effective UGC strategy

News organisations have added depth to their journalism by embracing user-generated content, whether that is news tips, photos, videos and eyewitness accounts of breaking news stories, or comments on stories of the day. To create…

//March 22 / 2013 //read more

UGC: Focus and diverse revenues key to commercial succes

News organisations are using a variety of content from their users in the form of photos and video shared via social media, blogs written by members of the public and comments on content. User-generated content clearly offers great…

//March 22 / 2013 //read more

Editorial filters add value to UGC

With people creating and sharing more photos, videos and social media updates, the challenge isn’t finding content but sifting through the vast quantities of it for items of interest and quality. Developing an editorial process to filter…

//March 21 / 2013 //read more

If you want to engage audiences, give a clear call to action

The Guardian is well known for its efforts to tap into the knowledge and experience of its audiences, opening up even its daily newslists to the public. It’s now tweaking its public engagement efforts after finding that more focused…

//July 10 / 2012 //read more

Interactivity and citizen media surges in Latin America

Latin American internet users submit more comments and articles to news sites than users in Europe or the Middle East, according to research from Kantar Media-Global TGI Net. This appetite for user-generated content is being driven by…

//June 29 / 2012 //read more