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Platforms are eating publishers

On one level, the synergy between publishers and platforms looks natural, a win-win: publishers need their content to reach an audience so they can attract advertisers; platforms have audience in abundance but need diverse, engaging…

//November 30 / 2015 //read more

Traditional versus digital ads: ‘Reach’ versus ‘each’

The digital transition challenges us to think differently. Media leaders need to understand how the business of digital media fundamentally changes how consumers read, listen to and view our content, and how advertisers can reach their…

//April 11 / 2013 //read more

Advanced UGC image search techniques for finding and verifying photos

In the third of our UGC series, we’ll look at advanced image search techniques that will help find photos that you can use in your news coverage and just as importantly keep you from publishing fake photos that spread quickly during large…

//April 4 / 2013 //read more

Mapping data from a Google form audience survey

We recently showed how to gather information from your audience using a Google form. Now we’ll show you how you can use the information to quickly and easily create a map showing the responses.

//October 9 / 2012 //read more

News groups must deliver advertising innovation to survive

Digital technology is disrupting not only news organisations but also other businesses that have traditionally advertised with news groups. To respond, news groups need to deliver better performing advertising or face competition from…

//August 31 / 2012 //read more

Common sense digital security for journalists

Digital media brings a huge range of benefits to journalists, allowing you to reach new audiences, engage them via social media, and try new story-telling techniques using an ever increasing set of often low-cost tools. However, digital…

//August 23 / 2012 //read more

Firefox launches mobile OS; opens opportunities for publishers

Open-source web browser maker Firefox has launched a mobile operating system to compete with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Handsets using the web-based OS will launch smartphones at a fraction of the price of those currently on the…

//July 3 / 2012 //read more

Growing Your Online Business: Local Newspaper Publishers and TV Broadcasters

The seminar focused on trends and techniques available to traditional local newspaper publishers and local TV broadcasters in Russia and Ukraine to grow their online business, both the size of their audience and the opportunity for…

//March 20 / 2012 //read more