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Project Unbolt: A manual for freeing digital newsrooms

The goal of Digital First Media’s Project Unbolt was to develop a step-by-step plan to accelerate the digital transition of newsrooms.

UK daily newspapers have doubled in price since 2004 and shrunk in size

Newspapers have compensated for lack of advertising by increasing cover price.

Journalists are more negative about their work

Six in 10 journalists say that journalism in the U.S. is going in the wrong direction.

Digital revenues: Looking for the third way

With global digital ad spend about to overtake print, news outlets all over the world are searching with renewed passion for complementary revenue lines. The main focus is now on ‘user generated revenues’, either traditional revenues based…

The future of newspapers without paper?

Five Finnish media companies are working on a very interesting alternative to paper edition.

Jeff Bezos: Newspapers will be a luxury item like horses

Jeff Bezos was questioned by NBC on whether he sees a day when there is no more a print version of the Washington Post.

Digital advertising in Latin America: Sustainability in struggling markets

Digital advertising growth is booming in Latin America, but if you look beyond Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, you see a very different picture. In the smaller, struggling markets, advertising agencies and media groups including news…

Newspaper groups find success in moving their classified business online

Classifieds, once viewed as the “river of gold” for newspapers, have migrated online, and Asia-Pacific newspaper consultant Peter Ong shows how newspapers lost time and much needed revenue by failing to move their classified business…

Lessons that cut through the hyperlocal hype

Hyperlocal sites are often billed as the next big thing in digital news, but have so far failed to deliver in terms of business performance. It might be possible to create niche local content but where are the advertisers? Hyperlocal…

Mail & Guardian’s Hoosain Karjieker: Digital first but not digital only

South Africa’s Mail & Guardian were early movers online, launching the first news website in Africa in 1994. As digital revenues grew, the newspaper recently shifted to a digital first strategy, but the news group’s CEO Hoosain…