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How to use events to earn revenue and build your brand

Is using events as a way of diversifying revenues and build a brand a good decision? It is.

//August 8 / 2014 //read more

Digital revenues: Looking for the third way

With global digital ad spend about to overtake print, news outlets all over the world are searching with renewed passion for complementary revenue lines. The main focus is now on ‘user generated revenues’, either traditional revenues based…

//April 15 / 2014 //read more

The Best of Days and the Worst of Days: Journalism in the Digital Age

Nepal’s Center for Investigative Journalism hosts publishers to discuss the threats and opportunities in “Doing Digital”.

//December 30 / 2013 //read more

Digital Briefing Live: Malaysiakini’s Chia Ting Ting on building a premium ad business

Digital news organisations are finding it much easier to attract an audience than they are to make money from that audience. To find out how to monetise digital audiences, in this edition of Digital Briefing Live, we speak to Chia Ting…

//August 1 / 2013 //read more

How to build audience and revenue using events

Research in the US has found that some digital news start-ups are earning up to 20 percent of their revenue from events, and we speak to US journalism professor Jake Batsell, author of the research, on how to decide whether events are…

//July 31 / 2013 //read more

Global Editors Network News Summit: Remaking the newsroom

The Global Editors Network News Summit is one of Doug Arellanes’ favourite tech-journalism conferences of the year because it is the best place to find out about cutting edge digital media topics in an easily accessible way. This year, the…

//July 4 / 2013 //read more

News organisations in smaller markets must develop multiple digital revenue streams

In many emerging markets, digital advertising budgets and audiences are small, even if they are growing quickly. To achieve sustainability as these smaller markets develop, we explore a number of business models and revenue streams that…

//June 26 / 2013 //read more

Digital start-ups: What to do when the grants dry up

Latin America has a long history of digital news start-ups, but with uncertainty over the future of grant funding that has sustained many of them …

//June 26 / 2013 //read more

WAN-IFRA: Non-traditional revenue sources and print-digital bundling show promise for news revenue

The 2013 World Press Trends report by WAN-IFRA found that newspapers are thriving in Latin America, performing well in Asia but struggling most in Eastern Europe. As they compete for digital attention, some newspapers in hard-hit markets…

//June 6 / 2013 //read more

Internet growth reaches tipping point in many emerging markets

Emerging markets are driving the next phase of digital growth, according to famed internet analyst Mary Meeker in her annual report. Internet access is reaching a tipping point in several emerging markets. One of the key insights from this…

//June 2 / 2013 //read more