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//Ross Settles /March 20 / 2012

Growing Your Online Business: Local Newspaper Publishers and TV Broadcasters

The seminar focused on trends and techniques available to traditional local newspaper publishers and local TV broadcasters to grow their online business, both the size of their audience and the opportunity for increased online revenue.

The seminar presented the following topics:

  • “Trends in Online Business Development”. An overview of new international online media developments with a focus on online products and services, which specifically deliver local audiences and markets. In particular, the seminar looked at specialized directories, local aggregation and specialized social media developments as opportunities for new online product development.
  • Search EngineSearch engineA website that provides a searchable index of online content, whereby users…//read more  Optimization”. An overview of the fundamentals of SEOSEO (Search engine optimisation)The process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a mobile web site…//read more  for both Google and Yandex.
  • “Social Media Marketing”. An overview of the fundamentals of leading social media platforms Twitter and Facebook including step-by-step instructions around how to establish a social media profile, how to post to the profile and a discussion of the benefits of social media to traffic growth.
  • “Measuring Success – Google Analytics”. An overview of the fundamentals of using Google Analytics to measure traffic growth and understand basic audience demographicsDemographicsCommon characteristics used for population or audience segmentation, such as…//read more  and behavior.
  • “Planning & Financing Your Business”. A discussion of the key inputs to a business plan including estimating audience, revenue and expenses.

The goal of the seminar was to provide senior executives and media managers with the fundamentals to understand the opportunities available and the techniques required to capture the local online media opportunity.

Location: Moscow, Russia

Dates: 19-20 March 2012

Attending: Russian and Ukrainian media executives


KB Seminars: Growing Your Online Business; 03/12 from MDIF

Article by Ross Settles

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