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//Ross Settles /May 5 / 2012

Building a Web Plan – Unique Aspects for Radio Station or Network

The seminar was held to support the digital transition of members of the Asia Calling Network, a network of Asian radio broadcasters and producers focused on telling stories about contemporary Asia. The seminar was divided into two parts, the first focused on developing digital news reporting techniques and the second focused on developing the business and technical foundation for online media. Knowledge Bridge conducted the business training; digital news reporting techniques were presented separately.

The business seminar focused specifically on the unique aspects of building an online outlet for a radio station or network. The training included:

  • “Developing a Strategic Plan”. A framework for building a strategic plan for an online media business. Special emphasis was given to presenting different models for an audio-driven online site.
  • “Building Audience”. A broad overview of the techniques needed to build an online audience including streamingStreaming1) technology that permits continuous audio and video delivered to a computer…//read more  audio directories, iTunes submission, search engineSearch engineA website that provides a searchable index of online content, whereby users…//read more  optimization, and social media marketing.
  • “Revenue Opportunities”. A discussion of different revenue opportunities including donation campaigns and fund drives, advertising including Google Adsense, and content sales and syndication.
  • “Measurement”. A hands-on demonstration of the fundamentals of Google Analytics.

The goal of the seminar was to provide radio stations, radio producers, and radio networks with the foundation to develop sustainable online web sites for their radio operations.

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dates: 2 -3 May 2012

Attending:  Affiliate Members of the Asia Calling Network, representing radio broadcasters and online media from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan.


KB Seminars: Building a Web Plan – Unique Aspects for Radio Station of Network; 05/12 from MDIF

Article by Ross Settles

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