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Publishing Software Buying Guide: 7 Things Publishers Should Look For

Buying publishing software is complex and, while features are important, it’s one of many things that should be considered when going software shopping. Here is a checklist of considerations

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The future of newspapers without paper?

Five Finnish media companies are working on a very interesting alternative to paper edition.

//November 7 / 2013 //read more

Working with Technology

Held in Moscow at the beginning of October 2013 for technology, product and commercial managers from Russian and Ukrainian media, the seminar focused on techniques needed to select, measure and manage technology to in order to deliver…

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Choosing and using a mobile ad network

As audiences shift to mobile, advertising is following them, and in some major markets mobile advertising is expected to triple in the next year. Mobile industry expert Terence Eden explains how to use mobile ad networks to start earning…

//July 24 / 2013 //read more

MENA news groups need to provide high- and low-tech mobile services

Over the past decade, MENA has trailed only Sub-Saharan Africa in mobile growth, and following “news and feeds” is one of the most popular mobile activities. However, mobile use varies widely, not just between countries but within…

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Global Editors Network News Summit: Remaking the newsroom

The Global Editors Network News Summit is one of Doug Arellanes’ favourite tech-journalism conferences of the year because it is the best place to find out about cutting edge digital media topics in an easily accessible way. This year, the…

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Internet growth reaches tipping point in many emerging markets

Emerging markets are driving the next phase of digital growth, according to famed internet analyst Mary Meeker in her annual report. Internet access is reaching a tipping point in several emerging markets. One of the key insights from this…

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How to keep you and your sources safe from smartphone attacks

Two very different types of digital attack have targeted the Android smartphones of Tibetan and Uyghur activists. The attacks highlight the new and very real security threats that smartphones can pose for journalists and their sources. We…

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Five must have WordPress plug-ins for news organisations

WordPress has grown from its origins as a blogging platform into a powerful content management system, and now many news organisations including Reuters, the New York Times, CNN and Forbes use it to power parts of their sites. One of the…

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Don’t let a CMS ruin your news organisation

A lot of companies sigh wearily when they talk about their content-management systems, the software that they use to manage their websites. If you’re looking for a CMS for the first time or looking to upgrade from the one you use, start by…

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