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The future of newspapers without paper?

Five Finnish media companies (including the largest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat)  are working on a very interesting alternative to paper edition. In January 2014, a pilot project to distribute newspapers to a new, affordable ePaper reader, should be launched in Finland. The intention is to produce a low cost color E InkE InkElectronic Ink is a paperlike display used primarily in eBook readers. It is a…

“We would like to find out whether the physical newspaper can be replaced by a reading device delivered with the subscription”, said Santtu Parkkonen, Producer, Helsingin Sanomat development. “The ePaper device also enables new types of subscription-based products. Ideally, readers could take contents of Sanoma’s multiple media brands and compose their own favorite magazines. A personalized newspaper has long been the stuff of dreams, but now it can become reality”, Parkkonen said in a press release.

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Foto: Leia Media

Article by Valer Kot

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