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Ad networks blamed for driving down digital returns

Declining digital ad returns for newspapers in the US hold lessons for news organisations making the move to digital in all countries. One key lesson is not to rely on ad exchanges to sell your digital advertising. Ad exchanges are blamed…

//June 8 / 2012 //read more

Sizing up The RuNet, Russia’s internet market

The Russian internet is booming with growth and lots of potential for even more growth. The number of internet users in Russia is expected to soon pass the number in Germany if it hasn’t already. A new report cuts through the competing…

//June 7 / 2012 //read more

Innovation in ads: Getting paid for people paying attention

The choice for digital content revenue is often portrayed as a choice between paid content versus free, or ad -supported, content. We have seen a lot of innovation in paid content strategies over the past year, and now we’re seeing…

//May 24 / 2012 //read more

Are you prepared to benefit from Russia’s growing online ad market?

Research by JP Morgan Cazeneuve predicts explosive growth in the Russian online advertising market, but search engines and social media sites could be the big winners. Is your news organisation ready to take advantage for the growth in…

//May 15 / 2012 //read more

“The irrational imitation of the online news industry”

Reuters Institute fellow Rasmus Kleis Nielsen has a stark warning for digital journalism start-ups: You can’t survive on advertising alone. Digital ad markets are too small – you have to diversify the money mix.

//May 10 / 2012 //read more