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//Valer Kot /April 8 / 2014

Online Advertising for Publishers: Increase Your Sales

Held in Moscow in early April for sales executives from Russian media, the seminar focused on online advertising to provide a foundation of knowledge and advanced skills to grow digital ad revenues by traditional media houses.

The Seminar presented the following topics:

RUner and UAnet” The presenter provided a broad overview of digital media landscape in Russia and Ukraine . The presentation discussed online audience, advertising spending, demographicsDemographicsCommon characteristics used for population or audience segmentation, such as…//read more  of users, trends in media usage and changes in media consumption.

Цифровые медиа в России и Украине from MDIF

“Digital Advertising – Display, Search, Video, Mobile, Social, Affiliate“ The presentation outlined the key differences between traditional print media and digital media advertising, the value chain, essentials for terminology, advertising formats, pricing models, audience measurementAudience MeasurementThe counting of unique users (i.e. audience) and their interaction with online…//read more , metrics and targeting methods.

Digital Advertising – Display, Search, Video, Mobile, Social, Affiliate from MDIF

“What do you need to know to sell online advertising efficiently?” This section discussed the various elements involved in the sales process and key question to define online sales strategy, e.g.  sales department management, ad inventory, rate cardRate cardThe list of advertising prices and products and packages offered by a media…//read more , ad specification, targeting and pricing options, digital ad ecosystem, sales tips & techniques.

What do you need to know to sell online advertising efficiently? from MDIF

“Developing a Digital Marketing Agency”  The presenter focused on his experience with development of digital agency operations as a part of their online publishing activity. The presentation discussed on the initial idea, developing services and portfolio, operations and issues to be faced, and the current plans for growth.

Создание агентства интернет-маркетинга, презентация 2 from MDIF

Location: Moscow, Russia

Dates: 1 – 2 April 2014

Attending:  Russian Sales Directors

Article by Valer Kot

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