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//Valer Kot /September 30 / 2014

Attention-based measurement instead of clicks and CPM?

Chartbeat, a web software company that serves publishers with real-time analytics, has gained accreditation from the Media Rating Council for a new way of measuring the actual attention of readers, as part of a move to get publishers and advertisers to stop focusing only on clicks and pageviews.

Attention measurement (the time spentTime SpentThe amount of elapsed time from the initiation of a visit to the last audience…//read more  actively engaging with a pagePageA document having a specific URL and comprised of a set of associated files. A…//read more ) seems to be a hint of real innovation in this cluttered space of online advertising. If this will change how publishers measure and reward meaningful content rather than just chase after raw clicks and impressions, then not only advertisers are getting a better deal, but also publishers are motivated  to focus on high quality, engaging content rather than volume of content and appealing titles.

A similar effort was initiated in 2012 by IAB to define a “viewable impression” metric. However, attention-based measurement of both content and advertising can be a game changer – both for publishers and advertisers. The Financial Times has already started experimenting with a new way of selling ads based on time spent rather than impressions.

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Article by Valer Kot

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