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//Valer Kot /December 6 / 2013

6 lessons for a better product developement

The Financial Times is a newspaper that does not need a special introduction. As is known, online version of the newspaper ( has pioneered the transformation of classical print publishing into the digital age: in 2007, introduce a metered paywallMetered PaywallThe metered paywall allows users to view a specific number of articles before…//read more  (find more about paid content) as the first online paper, and in 2011 launched an innovative web-based application (using HTML5 web standards, which replicate the features of mobile apps within the browsers of devices – find more about HTML5) for smartphones and tablet computers, allowing it to bypass Apple’s iTunes Store, Google’s Play (formerly the Android Market) and other distributors to secure a direct relationship with readers. In 2012, the number of digital subscribers (316,000) passed the circulation of the newspaper (300,000) for the first time and Financial Times drew almost half of its revenue from subscription, not advertising.

In late May 2013, the Financial Times launched a new, mobile-friendly news service called fastFT. It’s a mixture of traditional news wire and Twitter-like stream with an emphasis on speed and brevity, delivered both in a newsfeed on as well as on the standalone pagePageA document having a specific URL and comprised of a set of associated files. A…//read more . The article “6 product development lessons from how the Financial Times built fastFT” summarizes lessons to be learned from the product development.

Article by Valer Kot

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