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//Ross Settles /April 3 / 2013

Revenue Opportunities: Online Classifieds & Directories in Russia and Ukraine

The seminar provided a broad overview of the online classifieds market in Russia and Ukraine and focused on the tools and techniques for building online classified businesses.

The seminar presented the following topics:

  • “Market Overview”. This section provided an overview of the online classifieds market with special focus on recent developments in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. The overview also discussed current trends in global online classified and directory development and presented strategic models for local media to participate in the online classified market.
  •  “Business Models: Classified and Directory”. This section presented the common technical and design features common to most online classified sites and then presented a staged approach to building revenue models.
  • “Listings and Sales”. A discussion of techniques needed to build the listings volume for an online classified site.
  • “Audience/Marketing”. A discussion of SEOSEO (Search engine optimisation)The process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a mobile web site…//read more  and other techniques to generate audience to an online classified site.

The goal of the seminar was to create a base of understanding of the trends in the online classified market and the potential impacts on attendee’s existing classified business as well as provide some tools and techniques to help build listings volume and audience for attendees’ existing classified sites.

Location: Moscow, Russia

Dates: 1 -2 April 2013

Attending:  Russian and Ukrainian media executives


KB Seminars: Revenue Opportunities: Online Classifieds & Directories; 04/13 from MDIF

Article by Ross Settles

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