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/December 18 / 2017

Practical Guide to Product Management in Digital Media

We are pleased to announce the release of the first guidebook in MAS series of practical guides for media managers. The purpose of these guides is to help media decision-makers understand some of the key topics in digital news provision, and give them practical support in adopting concepts that will improve their operations and streamline how their companies work. The series aims to provide practical guidance and strategic direction to help media organizations navigate the digital transition, including best practices to implement different tools, processes and techniques.

The guides are not designed to replace existing resources; on the contrary, they summarize current trends and approaches to critical issues in an easily understandable way and provide links to other resources – always with a strong emphasis on practical use and real-life examples. Over time, we will add a case study to each of the guides to highlight a particular approach undertaken by MDIF’s portfolio companies.

Guide #1: Practical Guide to Product Management in Digital Media, by Derrick Fountain.

Does your ogranization suffer from these kinds of problems?

  • No clear understanding of who the real customer is for a product or feature?
  • Trouble deciding which features to build, fix or improve for existing products?
  • Having difficulty getting all stakeholders on the same pagePageA document having a specific URL and comprised of a set of associated files. A…//read more ?
  • Do you feel that your investments in digital aren’t yielding measurable results?
  • Do you feel that there is a lack of communication and coordination between the technical and content teams?
  • Do you feel that you are spinning your wheels because your organization is struggling to set priorities?

This guide provides practical strategies and tactics for implementing the product management function in a media organization.


Please download and share the guide. We would love to hear from you – send any comments or suggestions to us at

Practical Guide to Product Management in Digital Media


About author: Derrick Fountain is a global product leader with deep experience of launching digital products in the US, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey. He is currently Head of Digital Products at TRT World in Istanbul. Prior to that, he was Principal Product Management Specialist at Al Jazeera Media Network, where he launched more than 50 web and mobile products. His professional career in media started in 2008 with US-based LAKANA, where he managed a network of 36 mobile web portals.

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