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The newsletter is dead. Long live the newsletter!

Email newsletters are back in fashion, with leading digital players like Quartz, Vox and the Financial Times investing in the format.

Tomas Bella: Publishers must experiment and see readers as customers

Newspapers, which have been accompanying western civilization for the past 200 years, have never been in such deep crisis. There is only one possibility: for serious news not to vanish, readers …

News Media: Diversify or die

Frédéric Filloux of Monday Note says the era of news media based on a single product is over. Diversification is the only way: it’s no longer a question of whether to develop other revenue streams, it’s a question of deciding which ones…

The Guardian launches membership scheme to finance its ‘open’ digital development

The Guardian, the world’s third largest news site, has launched a membership scheme putting community and events at the heart of its plans to finance its paywall-free digital development.

Knight News Challenge identifies key factors in digital startup success

What separates a successful innovative media project from the rest?

Local media should connect people with information, not just report news

The old formula of a news outlet simply providing objective news is out-of-date.

The secret of virality: how to make your content go viral?

The arrival of social networks has allowed for quick dissemination of content – in a few hours, articles can fly over the whole of the internet, and YouTube videos can have millions of views. Social networks have become an important…

Things I never learned at newspapers about making news on the internet

What are the lessons you can learn from short-lived Project Thunderdome experiment?

UK daily newspapers have doubled in price since 2004 and shrunk in size

Newspapers have compensated for lack of advertising by increasing cover price.

Newsrooms need HR specialists not technologists in top roles

A significant portion of your newsroom is hiding from you …