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Advertisers and publishers look to tap rising smartphone use in India

In India, as in many other emerging markets, the explosive growth in smartphone usage is leading advertisers to seek innovative ad formats and designs tailored to this new medium. Services like real-time bidding and competitive auctions…

Hyperlocal, smart targeted mobile ads may earn even higher revenues

While the internet is increasingly being accessed through mobile devices, we are starting to see proof from Facebook that mobile ads can be even more lucrative than desktop ads – when done correctly. Apple also joins the game by…

News groups should tap Russian social networks diaspora presence

The second largest social network in Russia,’s Odnoklassniki, is set to launch an English language version to support its international growth. The announcement comes as the social network touts its strength in reaching the Russian…

Mobile advertising: Promising or false promise?

With people spending more time with their smartphones and other mobile devices, some analysts are predicting a bright future for mobile advertising: advertising revenue on mobile lags far behind how much time people are spending with their…

What will mobile in Africa look like in 2020?

Mobile communications are one of the most exciting areas of development in Africa, and we look at predictions from more than 30 of the continent’s entrepreneurs of what the mobile revolution will bring by 2020.

Mobile internet use: Growth but advertising revenue challenges

Tech analyst extraordinaire Mary Meeker has come out with her annual report looking back at recent internet, mobile and technology trends and giving us a glimpse of what she sees in the near future. One of her key observations is that…

Trendwatch: The mobile web is the only web for many

In this Trendwatch, we look at the rising number of people who are using their mobile phones as their main, or in some cases, sole way to access the internet.