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Mapping data from a Google form audience survey

We recently showed how to gather information from your audience using a Google form. Now we’ll show you how you can use the information to quickly and easily create a map showing the responses.

//October 9 / 2012 //read more

How to create an audience survey using a Google form

Digital journalism has opened up new opportunities to gather information from your audience. It can add to your journalism and develop a closer, more loyal relationship with your audience. In the first of a series, we’ll look at how you…

//October 3 / 2012 //read more

Public radio station finds recipe for digital news success

US public radio station KPLU responded to disappointing digital results by carrying out a thorough review of their technology, staffing and editorial performance. By learning some hard lessons and analysing how audiences responded to…

//September 18 / 2012 //read more

Increasing reader engagement through better journalism experiences

At last week’s WAN-IFRA conference in Kiev, the challenge facing newspapers in the digital age was lack of ‘intensity’, deep engagement and loyalty. The Wall Street Journal’s Raju Narisetti offered one solution: Deliver better journalism…

//September 13 / 2012 //read more

How to use a Twitter account to connect with audiences and cultivate contributors

The 140 characters of Twitter updates can feel limiting to people who aren’t headline writers, but journalists and non-journalists around the world are using the service to provide a stream of news and information to hundreds of thousands…

//September 4 / 2012 //read more

Using ad networks as a base for your digital revenue

Ad networks are an important part of your digital advertising mix especially when you’ve just launched a new website or new digital product. They provide much needed revenue to your site until it reaches the point where traffic will…

//August 28 / 2012 //read more

Measuring and optimising Google AdSense campaigns

Google’s advertising network, AdSense, has a number of services available to help you measure how effective the ad campaigns earning revenue for your site are performing, and insights into how to make them perform better. We go through…

//August 28 / 2012 //read more

How to get started with Google AdSense

Ad networks can be an important element to building revenue for your site. In many markets, Google AdSense is the dominant ad network. This step-by-step guide shows you how to setup an AdSense account and put your first ad on your website.

//August 28 / 2012 //read more

What social media success looks like and how to achieve it

With social networks and social media attracting hundreds of millions of users, news organisations have worked hard to develop social media strategies. One of the biggest questions amongst editors and media executives has been whether the…

//August 15 / 2012 //read more

Zimbabwean newspaper publisher holds hackathon to spur innovation

Hackathons are an excellent way of getting editors, journalists and developers to work together at news organisations to create new mobile and web applications that the paper, website or radio or TV station can use. Focusing on content,…

//August 2 / 2012 //read more