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Reddit tests live-reporting tool

Reddit is testing a new feature that allows users to create and update live blogs about breaking news events such as the recent uprising in Ukraine or the war in Syria — a move that could be a valuable addition to the cause of “open-source journalism”, reports Gigaom.

The feature, which is still in beta, tested on two threads, one of which was the uprising in Ukraine.  Participants posted live updates to create a moving picture of the unfolding events. Users also posted comments about the live-blog feature, saying what worked and what could be done better – Reddit even responded to comments by adding features as they went along.

If the feature gets out of beta, it promises to be a useful tool for DIY journalists, as well as a valuable resource for professional journalists looking for real-timeReal-timeEvents that happen “live” at a particular moment. When one chats in a chat…

Article by Peter Whitehead

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