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10 reasons to choose the right CMS

Before going through the effort of choosing a web content-management system (CMSCMS (Content Management System)Software tools or web services for creating and amending website content.…

To put it simply, a good CMS will help you more easily and efficiently publish and manage text, images and audio-visual content to your website. Modern CMSs also make it easier to update and modify the design of your site to keep it fresh, and many CMSs also have packages to manage ads and to make sure that your site looks good and loads quickly, regardless of whether your audience is viewing the site on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Here are the top ten reasons why a news organisation should use a web CMS:

When you’re choosing a CMS, you will want your CMS to empower, rather than frustrate, you and your staff. No CMS is perfect or infinitely flexible, and you will have to prioritise your requirements when choosing one. However, a smartly chosen modern CMS will save you time and money and deliver a platform that will help you keep pace with digital developments in your market.

Article by Kevin Anderson

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