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Hacked news organisations help you spot the next attack

Hacktivists have been on a roll, taking over the Twitter and WordPress accounts at a number of high profile news organisations recently. In the best tradition of journalistic transparency, two victims have shared the lessons they have…

//June 3 / 2013 //read more

How to keep you and your sources safe from smartphone attacks

Two very different types of digital attack have targeted the Android smartphones of Tibetan and Uyghur activists. The attacks highlight the new and very real security threats that smartphones can pose for journalists and their sources. We…

//May 29 / 2013 //read more

How to keep your editorial Twitter accounts from being hacked

More than a half dozen major news organisations including Reuters, Al Jazeera, the BBC and The Guardian have had their Twitter accounts taken over by hackers in the last year, and outlets in emerging democracies could be next. Twitter is…

//May 2 / 2013 //read more

Advanced digital security for journalists

Over the past few years, digital attacks on journalists have become much more sophisticated. With our heavy reliance on email and social media, digital security is something that all journalists need to learn, whether you’re working in…

//January 14 / 2013 //read more

Common sense digital security for journalists

Digital media brings a huge range of benefits to journalists, allowing you to reach new audiences, engage them via social media, and try new story-telling techniques using an ever increasing set of often low-cost tools. However, digital…

//August 23 / 2012 //read more