Multiple, independent sections used to create a single Web pagePageA document having a specific URL and comprised of a set of associated files. A…//read more . Each frame is built as a separate HTMLHTML (Hypertext Markup Language)A set of codes called markup tags in a plain text file that determine what…//read more  file but with one “master” file to control the placement of each section. When a user requests a page with framesFramesMultiple, independent sections used to create a single Web page. Each frame is…//read more , several files will be displayed as panes. Sites using frames report one page requestPage requestThe opportunity for an HTML document to appear on a browser window as a direct…//read more  with several panes as multiple page requests. IAB ad campaign measurement guidelines call for the counting of one file per frame set as a page impressionPage impressionA measurement of responses from a Web server to a page request from the user’s…//read more .