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Global Intelligence for the Digital Transition

Publishers, editors and advertisers identify responses to digital transition

Summary of the key takeaways from WAN-IFRA’s annual congress …

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Things I never learned at newspapers about making news on the internet

What are the lessons you can learn from short-lived Project Thunderdome experiment?

//June 11 / 2014 //read more

Data-driven journalism: The process to transform raw data into stories

Tow Center for Digital Journalism released an extensive report “The Art and Science of Data-Driven Journalism“ …

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UK daily newspapers have doubled in price since 2004 and shrunk in size

Newspapers have compensated for lack of advertising by increasing cover price.

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Newsrooms need HR specialists not technologists in top roles

A significant portion of your newsroom is hiding from you …

//May 29 / 2014 //read more

Sustainable change starts at the top

Before media companies can shift their business strategies toward digital, they must first change the structure and culture underpinning their organisations, writes Dr Tilmann Knoll, head of management development at Germany’s Axel…

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Journalists are more negative about their work

Six in 10 journalists say that journalism in the U.S. is going in the wrong direction.

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Just because an article is shared doesn’t mean anyone has read it

It’s widely accepted by the digital publishing industry that the number of social media shares of an article or video clip reflects how interesting it is. Well, it doesn’t, according to Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, reports The Verge. Mr…

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Live video won’t save the news business

The Washington Post is the latest major US publisher to get its fingers burned launching a live video channel, reports Politico. Despite spending millions of dollars launching ‘the ESPN of politics’ last July, the service has been cut back…

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FT warns publishers not to obsess about ‘mobile-first’

The Financial Times’ CTO John O’Donovan told news executives at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona not to ‘obsess’ about delivering their content via specific platforms. Instead they should keep their focus on the big picture and…

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