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Three ‘musts’ for a contemporary investigative journalist

Journalism is by definition investigative. However, the depth and scope of possibilities to unearth and bring to light wrongdoings of public interest has increased manifold, thanks to the way the Internet has been evolving in the last…

//october 31 / 2016 //read more

A New Era for Story-Telling

Probably most people sort of knew off-shore havens were being used to hide taxable fortunes, to pillage national treasuries, or to receive bribes for sold consciences.   However, when the Panama Papers stories connected names to bank…

//july 26 / 2016 //read more

Open Sources, Big Opportunity for Truth

Facebook and Google and their humongous data crunching machines flourish while fine media wilt. How to compete? They take media’s original costly-to-produce-content for free and make it available to users to circulate, anticipating their…

//june 16 / 2016 //read more

Publishers, editors and advertisers identify responses to digital transition

Summary of the key takeaways from WAN-IFRA’s annual congress …

//june 30 / 2014 //read more

Data-driven journalism: The process to transform raw data into stories

Tow Center for Digital Journalism released an extensive report “The Art and Science of Data-Driven Journalism“ …

//june 9 / 2014 //read more

UK daily newspapers have doubled in price since 2004 and shrunk in size

Newspapers have compensated for lack of advertising by increasing cover price.

//june 3 / 2014 //read more

Investigative Reporting on the Rise

The internet is enabling collaboration between activists, hackers and journalists on an unprecedented scale. Watch a documentary film series …

//january 8 / 2014 //read more

The Best of Days and the Worst of Days: Journalism in the Digital Age

Nepal’s Center for Investigative Journalism hosts publishers to discuss the threats and opportunities in “Doing Digital”.

//december 30 / 2013 //read more

Newspapers need to invest in data analysis

More and more publishers move from a “tracking” mentality that simply states what audience does to concentrate on what any such insight would imply for journalism and business of journalism. Newsrooms need to adopt the kind of…

//october 19 / 2013 //read more

Making the business case for data journalism

Data journalism is evolving quickly beyond its roots as a way to analyse numbers and create charts into entirely new ways to tell stories incorporating images, video and text. The results are impressive but the process can seem daunting.…

//march 15 / 2013 //read more

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